Get ready for summer with a nice pair if Shades

As the heat and sun continue to be a daily part of our summer life make sure to block the sun from your eyes with a stylish pair of shades that are sure to put some personality into any outfit

men shades
sunglasses shades

Incorporate different styles of shades for your every mood and style by shopping for looks on our site starting as low as under $8.00! This is an easy way to rock aviators on Monday’s, wayfarers on Tuesday’s, retro frames on Wednesday’s and any other look for any day of the week without breaking your bank account.


  • That link was elle.com that gave the information on the sunglasses best shape face

  • Hello Joenelle. Thank you for visiting On Trends Avenue. You have asked a great question. What is the Best shape for your Oval Face. Elle recently answered this Questions. This is what they say in a nutshell

    Oval-shaped faces have many options when choosing the perfect Frames. You basically get to wear whatever you want. However, skip the perfect circle frames which may make your face seem shorter.

    Try the " Winla New Women Sunglasses Luxury Brand" for $11.99. You will love them!!

    Sarah with On Trends Avenue
  • Hi. I love the options for Sunglasses you have. Can you give me an idea on what would be the best frames for the Shape of my Face. I have a long oval Shaped Face.


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